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Survive Winter Ailments with Penns Valley Community Learning Garden: Upcoming Workshops

Enjoy this update from Penns Valley’s lovely herbalist, Jennifer Tucker. “Hello Herbal Friends! Spring, summer, late summer I have enjoyed a bountiful harvest from the Penns Valley Community Learning Garden of medicinal plants…and the garden is still abundant! The Medicinal

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What to do with Strawberry Runners

Our strawberry patch is looking so good that it’s taking over the garden! Our original plants have one or two more years in them, so we decided to dig up the runners and plant them in new rows. Strawberries are

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Tree-Watering Tip

Last year, after doing some research about more expensive options, Ryan came up with this great way to water trees. He drilled 9 holes in the bottoms of 5-gallon buckets. Then, we set them by the base of the tree,

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Time to Plant: Potatoes and Onions

The Centre Hall Farm Store is stocked with gorgeous seed-potatoes, onions, and other cold-hearty plants for your garden. We paid a litte over $4 for a 5-lb. bag of potatoes and a pound of onions. What a deal! If you

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Time to Talk Gardening

  The other day, Ryan came home with two big bags of wildflower seeds. Snow flurries might still be dancing in the air, but we are getting ready for spring, my friend. That means, we are sketching out our garden

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