New Penns Valley Chapter of Nittany Track and Field – Cross Country

NOTE:  Updated times, additional information and a new flyer can be found in our August 7th post here.

Here is a letter from Kalena Smith highlighting a new youth sports opportunity for the Penns Valley Area.

Hello all PV Youth Athletes:

Penns Valley is now offering a new chapter of Nittany Track and Field – Cross Country! There is a  youth cross country program running in the fall, starting August 20th this year. If you are new to the cross country idea, this Q&A page may answer some of your questions.

Although cross country in general is oriented towards distance running, our youth program still includes multiple components for strength and speed development, which eventually matter almost as much as endurance. The coaches have seen kids who are fast and consider themselves sprinters trying it, enjoying it, and discovering new dimensions of the sport. Anyone can do it and benefit from this kind of training in many ways.

The program is open to ages 8 to 18. The practices will be held mainly at the Penns Valley Environmental Center (next to PVE) — with occasional variations. Practices will be Monday through Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 pm for the first part of the season; this will last to the end of October. Attendance is flexible, as we would like athletes who participate in other sports to join us as well! The fall season essentially continues until Thanksgiving as all Junior Olympic meets are scheduled in November, and those are the main travel targets. However, many athletes choose not to compete through the post-season, which is completely fine. There will be much more information to come on these meets.

Throughout the season, we have a lot of fun practices and events, including trail and hill runs, inter-squad tournament, treasure hunt, and games of various kind. Our athletes will also have opportunities to run a few local all-comers meets, which are very good for building racing experience and gearing towards USATF championships. We will be joining the State College chapter of Nittany Track and Field for some of these events, as well.

To sign up for the program CLICK HERE.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or call or text (814) 360-7008.

Please consider joining us in making this Penns Valley youth program a success!

– Kalena Smith

NTF Registration Form (.pdf)

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