A Thanksgiving Tree: Traditions from Our Family to Yours

Come November, one of our favorite traditions is making a Thanksgiving Tree.

First step: We gather some branches and place them in a vase or pitcher. (This year, it might be difficult because our 2-year-old picks up stick and sees “a CHAINSAW!” or “a baseball BAT!” Now to convince him they’re really a “Thanksgiving Tree!”)

Last year’s branches were particularly meaningful because they fell during Hurricane Sandy, which devastated so many homes. We decorated those branches with deeper gratitude, realizing that neither things nor circumstances change our ability to give thanks.

Next, we make a pile of paper leaves and hole-punch ‘em.

Then, each night throughout November, each person in our family shares something that fills their heart with gratitude. We jot each thing on a leaf, and hang it on our tree.

On Thanksgiving, we add our final leaves and read through the many, many leaves that have filled the bare branches.

When Thanksgiving Trees come down, and Christmas boughs go up, I gather the leaves in an envelope and save them in our family’s yearbook. This has become such a meaningful way to express our gratitude to God and deepen our relationships with one another.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

 Enjoy your home,

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