The Good News and The Bad News


I’ll get the bad news out of the way: the Rams lost last night. 47-19. Ouch. Ryan said that Bald Eagle always has tough football and wrestling teams, so it was kinda expected. But, there is some good news tucked under that 500-pound sack…

The good news: the Rams played an awesome first half, getting all of their points in the first two quarters, and making the crowd wonder who’d come out on top after halftime.


Other good news: see that guy in the orange hat, pushing a stroller and standing in line with his three cute kids? This is the first time he’s stood in that line since he was a PV Ram himself (though, most games he was playing in the band). He said the booth is exactly the same as it was all those loooong looong years ago. It’s good that some things change over time (the guy in the orange hat) and some things don’t change (the ticket booth).


We were so excited to buy the very well-produced All Sports Program and find’s ad! The 50+ page book is totally worth the $2. It contains photos of all the fall sports teams and schedules of their games. A great resource to keep by the calendar.


(Aw, there’s the guy in the orange hat again! This time with his son… at his first football game ever!) This was the first year we joined the big PV crowd, filling the bleachers. It was exciting and good.


My favorite  piece of good news of the night: the Penns Valley cheerleaders seemed so wholesome and happy. They were joined by a squad of the tiniest cheerleaders I’ve ever seen (4, 5 years old?). The PV cheerleaders treated the little girls with dignity. At one point, they even held them up in one of those impressive cheerleader towers. The older girls were supporting and watching each little girl’s every move to make sure they were safe. The little girls must have felt like they were on top of the world. On a night when the PV cheerleaders could have been thinking all about themselves, they were offering their care and time to children, who – I hope – will grow up to do the same.

One more piece of good news: the booster club cooks up some good food! When you go to the next game, park in the school parking lot for free and enjoy the 2-minute walk around the building. Then you can splurge on a $2 box of fries or an enormous $3 soft pretzel with cheese. (Or one of their many, many menu items… best deal in town!)

Next home game is Friday, September 20th!

 Enjoy your home,

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2 Responses to The Good News and The Bad News

  1. Laura says:

    Jennifer – that’s so great! Let her know that she did a great job! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Feeser says:

    That’s my little girl with the PV cheerleaders. She attended a week long cheerleading camp during the summer. She was given the opportunity to cheer at one of two varsity games. Such a neat experience!!