Forefathers Book Store and Main Street Yarn Open House


(Main Street in Rebersburg)

Have you ever given your child a treat not because he was very, very good but because he was very, very bad? That’s what I did at the Forefathers Bookshop and Main Street Yarn Open House on Saturday.


My darling almost-2-year-old looks happy here, but he was starving hungry (my fault) and had no time for 5-pound hardback biographies of historical figures or colorful skeins of yarn. Our visit to the Open House event was short and sweet.  Short, because I couldn’t convince my son to stroll the aisles of history with me. Sweet, because I bought him an ice cream sandwich just to have a few minutes of peace. (Yes! They sell ice cream treats and potato chips there.)


Keith Bierly, the owner of the bookshop, was so helpful. I mentioned that I was looking for some of Winston Churchill’s writing. While I juggled a toddler, a melting ice cream sandwich, and my unused camera, he came back moments later with Churchill’s 6-part series on WWII. I said, “I’ll take it!” And packed everything up for home where I fed my boy some home-grown chicken. He went to bed happy.

Forefathers Book Store and Main Street Yarn: I’ll be back by myself sometime soon. (Save an ice cream treat for me!)

Enjoy your home,

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3 Responses to Forefathers Book Store and Main Street Yarn Open House

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  2. Laura says:

    Thanks, Kim! I spotted the boxes and boxes of children’s books and am so eager to take a peek! Let me know when they are on the shelves? We’ll meet soon.

  3. Kim Bierly says:

    Thank you for the delightful post! That little guy is just adorable. I was on the go all day Saturday in the shop and didn’t get time to greet too many people. Usually I always stop to see the kiddos. I remember seeing this attractive woman (with a cool camera slung over her should) who was carrying an adorable little boy. That must have been the two of you. I’m glad the ice cream made him happy for the trip home and that you found some great books. Stop back sometime when we can meet. Keith has a terrific selection of children’s books and also a lot of recent additions that are perfect for home schooled children. Have a great week!