Fresh Strawberries!


After two years of watering, tending, and nibbling a handful of strawberries, we are finally picking at least two quarts of berries every day… and they are the most delicious food on the planet. Though I’ve been freezing bags along the way, I’ll probably pick up several quarts from the Amish farmers and add them to our collection.

It’s easy to freeze strawberries: wash them, remove the stem, and lay them in a single layer on a cookie sheet, and pop the tray into the freezer. After an hour or two, remove the tray, transfer the frozen berries to a freezer bag, and look forward to enjoying them throughout the winter. Tips: Use pint or quart-size bags, since you’ll be thawing the whole bag at one time. Then, you won’t have a gallon bag of strawberries thawed out for your little bowl of oatmeal. Our kids love to eat half-thawed strawberries for snacks during the winter. For real! Once you’ve got them, remember to offer them as a nutritious dessert.

One location to buy strawberries: Spring Meadows Farm at 302 Klein Rd., Spring Mills, PA 16875. 814-422-0689.

Where do you buy your local berries?

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