Want a Local, Free-Range, Soy-Free Chicken?


On Saturday, the travelling butcher from Badger’s Millside Farm will prepare our lovely chickens for dinner tables all over the region. We’ll be stocking our freezer and selling the rest to friends and locals.

Would you like to squeeze onto our list of buyers? (We’re charging $3.99/lb. and expect 4-5 lb chickens. Pick-up in Centre Hall on May 11th.) We have a few spots left and would love to include you if possible. Just email info(at)PennsValleyFamily.com for more details.

We’re so thankful that we were able to raise these chickens, and that we’ll have healthy, delicious meat. It was an extraordinary experience. However, I must admit that it wasn’t always fun for me.  Just because my man’s a natural farmer, doesn’t make me one. Working with animals is tremendously difficult for me, and shuffling through 70-some passionate chickens was no exception.  Every afternoon, I had to replace the chickens’ water and I screamed every time. This is a tame version of what I looked like:

chickens1One day, my daughter was watching me as I totally freaked out in the midst of the flock of feathers. It was unforgettable: I was wearing high-heeled shoes (my first mistake), the chickens were stepping on the bare tops of my feet, I was shrieking and teetering through their poop, and they were pecking away at the empty water dish waiting for me to get a move-on. I wanted to disappear. BUT, I made myself keep going and somehow got the job done. When I came out, I slammed and bolted the door with a final triumphant scream. Vivienne’s eyes were the size of plates. She soberly said “You’re kind of crazy, Mom.” I stooped down, looked her in the eye, and with the deep husk of terror still in my voice I said, “I may be crazy. But you listen up. What you just saw was your mother putting her mind over her feelings.made myself do that even though I did not want to. If you learn anything from me, you learn that, ya hear?”

Of course, we haven’t stopped laughing our heads off about my antics, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s one lesson my sweet girl will never forget. 

Stay tuned for Saturday! As always…

 Enjoy your home,

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