Q: What’s the Most Exciting Thing in Millheim This Weekend?

A: Well, the answer is not the road paving. (Of course, it will be very exciting once it’s done, but for now it’s decidedly not exciting.)

The answer IS:

The most exciting thing in Millheim is that Penns Valley Outfitters & General Store is OPEN FOR THE SEASON! 

Not only that, but it now shares its space with two awesome little shops: Angtiques and Lizzie Belle’s.

On Friday morning, the kids and I got a peek at what’s going on inside. The kayaks, tubes, and bikes are ready for adventures! Actually, now that the girls are old enough to sit in their own tubes, this is something we’re going to put on our summer bucket list. (We’ll keep the little guy on dry land.) I haven’t been tubing since junior high school when I got stuck on a rock and then lost my hair barrette in the Susquehanna River. I bet it’s stuck in the silt somewhere. Historians will dig it up years from now and wonder what great things it did. At any rate, it’ll be good to find my tubing legs again and have a fun day bobbing along with the fam.

If you’re looking for adventure, check out Penns Valley Outfitters’ website for information about rentals and shuttles. If we get it on the calendar now, we’ll be more likely to follow through. It’ll be great.


AND I need to mention that Angtiques and Lizzie Belle’s are adorable antique/ thrift shops that are opening on the other side of Penns Valley Outfitters.  They are going to be brilliant. (Angtiques and Lizzie Belle’s will be opening next weekend.)

Here’s a sneak peak just for you:



 (They’re doing last-minute work to get it just right.)




So stop by Saturday, Sunday, or next weekend for an antique and an adventure.

 Enjoy your home,

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