What a Difference a Day Makes

tire1This winter was tough on us. It seemed we caught every bug imaginable: the fevers, stomach flu, croupe cough, and runny noses. You, too? Medicines and home remedies didn’t seem to pull their weight in making anything better any quicker.

While the cold weather persisted and the snow kept falling, one thing that kept us going was something I read back in November. I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” I kept this in mind as the glum days dragged on. Sometimes “lighting a candle” meant bundling everyone up for a brisk walk down the lane. Other times, it meant snuggling up and watching a movie. Every night, it meant eating dinner by candle light. This well-worn advice encouraged me to smile often at my husband and kiddos and it strengthened our resolve to keep loving one another when we could easily melt into depression. 

This past Saturday was a celebration as we worked and played outside all day long. We raked up all of the dead leaves and got the garden ready for this year’s veggies. We made a big bonfire of all the dead stuff – the leaves, branches, and who-knows-what that needed to move out of the way for Spring. Ryan picked up some marshmallows from the Dollar Store and we roasted them over the fire, tasting a glimpse of sunshine and long summer nights.

tireDo you need a glimpse of some light in the darkness? Take a look at the weather forecast… there are lots of little yellow balls coming our way. And, as always…

 Enjoy your home,

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