Grounds for Divorce? The Red Hawk Premium Peppers Challenge!

This past Saturday, we met up with Red Hawk Premium Peppers at the Old Gregg School Farmer’s Market. This family-owned business processes their sauces and jellies right there in the Old Gregg kitchen.

Of course, I couldn’t help but see a challenge in their best-selling “Grounds for Divorce” hot sauce.

On our wedding day we forgot to vow “for hot or for hotter”…


…so we decided to put it to the test:

could our marriage survive this flaming hot sauce??




DSC_0087Wahoo! We made it.

Now we’re convinced there’s nothing we can’t do together!

(A tip: kiss him like you mean it, girls.)

If you’re interested in testing the limits of your love, snag a bottle of Red Hawk Premium Peppers‘ “Grounds for Divorce” hot sauce (maybe at the  Old Gregg School Farmer’s Market), and send us a photo of your own success story. Be sure to ask Dan Lowenstein – the owner and cook – his story behind Red Hawk’s best-selling hot sauce!

 Enjoy your home,

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5 Responses to Grounds for Divorce? The Red Hawk Premium Peppers Challenge!

  1. Thanks for posting this Laura! You guys make a very cute couple!!! Now you two need to stop by and try more of our spicy goodies.

    Be sure to visit us at

  2. Robin Kramer says:

    Goodness. Can you two be any cuter?

  3. Erin H. says:

    This is hilarious!
    I’ll have to investigate (but do my own spicing of kissing my husband, as he doesn’t like peppers)!

    Thanks, Laura!
    – Erin