An Encouraging Event for Moms and Teen Daughters

This one is for you, Penns-Valley-Mom-of-a-Teenage-Daughter! 

First of all, way to go. What you are doing as a mother matters. I remember how difficult I was as a teenage daughter and am so grateful that my Mom loved me and never gave up on me. I also know how I feel about my own daughters – how I want them to have healthy and happy teenage years, and how I’ll do anything for them. I bet you share my feelings.

In a culture where women are often objectified, teenagers are misunderstood, parents are misunderstood, and physical relationships are downright confusing, my friend Dannah Gresh is offering encouragement for local moms and their daughters.

Dannah is a nationwide author and speaker, who began a ministry called Pure Freedom. Though she takes her message around the world, she lives in – and loves – our community.

That’s why she’s bringing her Pure Freedom Event to The Assembly of God Church in State College on April 21st. The doors open at 6; the event begins at 7. I have a feeling both you and your daughter will love this event… and may even walk away with some life-changing insights.

For a glimpse of the event, watch this:

Doesn’t it look like a blast? Buy tickets here.

 Enjoy your home,

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