You’re Invited to a Gala!


Penns Valley is privileged to have The HOPE Fund in our community. How many other neighborhoods can celebrate a host of volunteers who work tirelessly to support local folks who face medical or personal disasters? In the past 5 years, The HOPE Fund has given over $208,000 to Penns Valley people in need. It is truly remarkable!

You and I can be a part of this!

The HOPE Fund invites you to The Gala for HOPE being held Sunday, April 28th at General Potter Farm.

The fun: 6PM-9:30PM, Black Tie optional (I say go for it!).

Tickets: $40/individual, $75/couple. Contact Eva Gerhart  ([email protected] or 814-404-9262) or Erin ([email protected] or 814-880-2694) .

Read about the local vendors and entertainment from The Gala’s facebook page.

Ooo, and don’t forget this: Seven Mountains Winery Winery will be selling a special Gala-labeled wine and has offered to stay open later that evening (until 6PM) so you may pick up a bottle of wine prior to arriving at the General Potter barn (Elk Creek is providing a cash bar for the event, but wine is bring-your-own; stemware and openers will be available).


One local friend says, “I’ve attended both previous Galas, and it is a fun evening to hire our favorite sitter, get dressed up and to go out! We loved the photo booth: there, you can put on a few silly props and have your picture taken. After the event, the pictures are uploaded to a free sharing site, and you can download any of them that you’d like. Everyone likes having time to mingle and to taste some of the exceptional offerings from the catering and dessert vendors.” 

Enjoy your home,

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3 Responses to You’re Invited to a Gala!

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  2. Stacy says:

    I love the Gala !!! My hubby and I will be there .

  3. Eva says:

    Please join us at the Gala for a fabulous evening out!