Traditions: From Our Home to Yours

We have a couple of Easter traditions that I dearly love. This one is at the tippy top.


Our Grace Garden: First, we hunt for the perfect rock. This will be the grave. It’s gotta be a weighty one; a rock that has been sitting around for a long time, developing character and age. It’s gotta have a hole or an indentation where it felt the wearing-away of time, where it gave up a part of itself to hint at a glorious emptiness.

Then, we break a branch in half and tie the two sticks together for the cross. Just a regular, knobby branch wobbling in its role of the anything-but-regular sacrifice.


When the day is just right, we take a morning trip to a local greenhouse – last year, we stopped by Sammis. We find the herb section and bend the little leaves to smell the rosemary, lemon, oregeno… Each of us chooses a favorite to plant along the path the Calvary.

Finally, we fill a dish with garden soil and lovingly arrange the garden. The girls gather smooth rocks for the path to the cross. They fill a little blue bowl with water and scatter small flowers across the top of the sparkling little pool. They lay a second rock in front of the grave and talk about the day that always comes when the stone is rolled away and the grave is found empty.

I wanted to tell you about this tradition in my own words since we love it so much, but I got this idea from the Ann Voskamp. She explains how to make a lovely, lovely one and shares provoking thoughts and photographs. I’m so grateful that she inspired us to begin this lovely tradition.

I’d love to know your favorite Easter tradition. Please tell?

 Enjoy your home,

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