The Chicks Graduate


The other day, we went away for 24 hours while the chicks were lovingly cared for by beloved (and now even more beloved) relatives. When we returned, we agreed: the chicks appeared to have doubled in size. Alarming. Let’s just say, they care very much about food. In fact, Ryan is coming home from work early today to grind up more good-eats for them. At any rate, we deemed them strong and healthy enough to graduate out of the basement, which I lovingly call The Final Frontier, to…

chick1…you got it: the garage. Thankfully, the stink is no longer wafting up through the floorboards, flavoring all of our food with a “dash of chicken-poop”. I was pleasantly surprised that when the chicks left the basement, they took their stink with them. I thought it had damaged us permanently: that we’d be known as “the chicken people” forever because we’d never get that poopy-wood-chips aroma out of sweaters or hair follicles. But, I was wrong. And I’m pleased to announce that we are quickly returning to our regularly-folks-smell (I think). There is hope for us yet.

chicks3So, here’s daddy-and-daughter snuggling the chicks in with fresh bedding and getting ready to hang the heat lamps. A couple of days ago, we salvaged some old screens to lay over top of the tubs so the chicks won’t take any flying leaps.

chicks4I have been really impressed by the way the girls have embraced this new project. They loved the Layer chicks two years ago, but now they are old enough (5 and 7) to really help: they replace the feed and water throughout the day and get right to work. I, on the other hand, hide happily behind the camera.

Our next big project is to keep Flora the Farm Cat well-fed and occupied. She has been crouching by the garage door ever since she heard the first peep…




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