Exquisite: Penns Valley Grad Writes About Life, Love, and Spirituality

Jess and Amy 1 bw cropDo you recognize the young woman on the right? It’s Amy Andrews, graduate of Penns Valley High School. She’s all grown up now – a wife, mother, mathematics teacher, and published author who lives in Evanston, IL.  I thought you’d like to know that she and her friend Jess have recently published a book of letters entitled Love & Salt: A Spiritual Friendship Shared in Letters.


Over the past few years, Amy and I have become dear friends, sharing many interests – from children to chickens. On Christmas Eve, she showed me a copy of her newly published book, one that shares a very significant story from her life. I ordered it through Amazon Prime that very night and held a copy in my own hands two days later. Without giving too much away, I can safely tell you that this book is life-changing.

Love & Salt is a collection of letters that Amy and Jess wrote to each other from Lent 2005 until 2008 – a 3 year time period that tells the story of their marriages, faith, pregnancies, and childbearing. The reading is so enjoyable, I stayed up far past my bedtime, enraptured by the letters. Even if you don’t know Amy, you will really enjoy Love & Salt… it’s a gift. You’ll enjoy the local references that Amy includes and you’ll find yourself taking out pen and paper to write a letter to a dear friend in your own life.  

I couldn’t wait to tell you about it in hopes that you will purchase a copy of your own and read it this  spring.

Ooo, and here’s the best part: Amy has answered some questions exclusively for PennsValleyFamily.com that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks. Look for the newest update each Tuesday.

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