KickBack at Snappy’s

poster1I finally did it.

I marched myself into Snappy’s and got a KickBack card. (Let’s not even talk about all of the gallons of gas I’ve purchased without one.) I thought I was the last one in the Valley to KickBack, but as I waited in line I noticed that lots of customers answered “Nah” when the cashier asked if they had a KickBack card.  So, I figure it’s worth an encouraging post.

It’s easier than I thought. They hand you a card. You take the card with you and enroll online when it’s most convenient for you (that’s the part I like the best). Then, use your card whenever you purchase anything at Snappy’s (here, State College, or anywhere). Every time you purchase something, you’ll earn points. Then, you can use those points at Snappy’s like cash.

I haven’t had time to wrack up enough points to purchase anything yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. Whenever it is, it’ll be a big moment.  I’ll have to select my special purchase wisely. Maybe my KickBack points will earn me a coupon-laden newspaper, or a deviled egg, or a king size Reese’s…

Have you KickBack’ed yet?

Enjoy your home,

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