Feed the Birds? A New Year’s Tradition


Our New Year’s Day tradition is to move the Christmas tree out to the porch and decorate it with home-made bird feeders for the black-and-white woodpecker, the hungry jays, and each tufted titmouse who visits us each day. This year, we were completely out of bird food, so Ryan took a trip over to the Farm Store on PA Ave. and picked up a big bag of mixed seed.


The girls dug their hands into the seeds with glee, loving the feeling of small, cold, roundness slipping between their fingers. Like thousands of children before them, they rolled pine cones in peanut butter, then rolled the sticky cone in seeds. As the girls rolled and stuck, we talked about how God sees the birds and feeds them through our help.  I reminded them that there are people who are like the birds – people who need special help and care, but cannot get it on their own. I believe that one of the ways God cares for people is by asking each of us to care for the people He has placed in our lives.  As the girls plunked the last pinecones in the bowl and wiped off their sticky fingers – stubborn sunflower seeds dangling from pinky fingers and thumbnails – I told them that I want 2013 to be marked by love just like this. So as a family, we’ll be looking for opportunities to care especially well for the people around us.



This year, we hung the pine cones on the tree with rubber bands – just loop it around the chubby middle of the cone and find a sturdy branch! It wasn’t long – I mean maybe five minutes – before the word got around that their were treats on the front porch. When the first woodpecker showed up, I figured a little bird must have told him where to look. (I know, I’m hilarious.) If I weren’t such a baby, I’d have a photo of the birds to show you, but it’s too darn cold to stand out there with my camera waiting for a bird not to notice me! So, this one of the tree.


 Enjoy your home,

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