What to do with all that candy?!

Once you’ve separated all of the Reeses from your kids’ stash, you can feel good about either of these candy options:


“November 1st or November 5th, bring your child/children, with the unopened candy you want to donate to Pediatric Dental Care & Happy Valley Orthodontics at 1019 Ghaner Rd., Port Matilda between the hours of 3:30 pm – 6 pm. Turn candy in for a nice cash prize. In addition the children will receive a new toothbrush, a goody bag (limit one per child) and be entered to win a $50 Walmart giftcard or a Kindle Fire. All of the candy collected will be shipped to our troops overseas through Operation Gratitude.” Sounds pretty sweet! There are more details at the Pediatric Dental Care website.


(Blowing air bubbles into an experiment.)

Every year, we have a blast doing candy experiments with leftover candy.  I found all of the ideas at Candy Experiments and typed out my own lab sheets. The girls were introduced to the words, “hypothesis,” “results,” and “control”, as well as the concept of conducting orderly experiments with only one variable.

M&M Chromotography

Sink or Float?

Does my candy have acid in it?


For the Sink/Float and the Acid experiments, I gave each student four tape-donuts. She taped the wrapper to the paper and recorded her results with a pencil.

The sweetest news? I compiled the experiments and the lab sheets into a pdf just for YOU. Get your ideas from the official Candy Experiments site and then download my Candy Experiments worksheet for some educational fun!


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