Penns Valley Sends Thousands of Shoeboxes

“The need is great and the time is short”

That’s what inspires one of our neighbors, Betty Bailey, to participate in Operation Christmas Child. Last week, I was delighted to meet Mrs. Bailey, a beautiful and generous woman who helps people in our town and around the world. Throughout the year, she keeps her eye open for treasures and sales. In early November, she packs hundreds of boxes for children who need hope and help. Each box is full to the brim with items that the children need, and even a few treasures that they want. This one woman reaches out to hundreds of families all over the globe simply by keeping her eye open for sales, organizing the toothbrushes, outfits, socks, crayons, or washcloths in big plastic bins, and – in early November – setting up an assembly line and packing those boxes!

Our family has always enjoyed packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. This year, our boxes are better than ever because we got some pointers from Mrs. Bailey.

Here’s what she said: Every box should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, soap, plastic cup, crayons, a notebook, and candy. (Candy is very important to those kiddos! I guess a sweet-tooth is universal.) She also keeps her eye open for sales on flip-flops, big-tooth combs, sunglasses, socks, hair accessories, outfits, and knit hats. She and her friends sew simple bags for each box so the children can easily carry all of their gifts. “Anything else is a bonus!” she said, talking about the stuffed animals, rubber balls, baby dolls, solar-powered watches, and school supplies that she has included in the past. Friends and neighbors drop off treasures that she includes in the boxes, too.

Churches all over Penns Valley are participating in this effort to send Christmas love to children all over the world. From what I gather, our community is sending thousands of shoeboxes this year!

Inspired to join the fun? This is the week to pack your boxes because The Collection Center at Faith Alive Fellowship Church will be receiving boxes every day from November 12-19. You can use any shoe box – cardboard or plastic – or pick up an official Operation Christmas Child box from The Collection Center. Choose the gender and age-range of your recipient, and get the whole family involved as you choose “just the right” gifts for your Christmas Child. This year, you can even track the location of your box! If you want to know more, watch this:


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