12 Days of Christmas: Weaver’s Store

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas: Penns Valley Gift Guide! Each day, from November 26 – December 7, we’ll be highlighting a local business where you might find “just the right” treasures to give friends and family. Let’s give back to our community this Christmas: buy local!

Weaver’s Store (right next to Burkholder’s Country Store on Route 45) is a one-stop-shop. You could find something for everyone on your list under one roof. If you arrive before lunchtime, they’ll treat you to a free coffee. Don’t be shy to ask for help – the folks who work there are as nice as they come.

For the hunter: stock up on some hilarious camouflage toilet paper, Carhart gear, bows and arrows, and Muck boots.

For the Teen: check out the game aisle and look for two of our favorite games, Blockus and Ticket to Ride!

For the Child: Find this year’s favorite gift of legos, play-doh, Creativity for Kids projects, Bruder trucks, Melissa & Doug toys, and (my favorite) Calico Critters. In the game section, look for two of our family favorites: Uncle Wiggly (only $11.95) and Racko.

For the Baby: fill a diaper bag with all kinds of baby goodies. Or, splurge on a big item like a stroller, baby seat, or pack-n-play. Oh, and be sure to look through their adorable  selection of baby clothes.

For the dad: I don’t know about you, but we always saw Christmas as a time to stock Dad up on his annual supply of gold-toe socks, belts, ties, and undershirts. Weaver’s has it all!

For you: If you’re crafty and thinking about making your Christmas presents, Weaver’s has a beautiful selection of fabric, buttons, stickers, thread, and other craft supplies. When my girls get into making friendship bracelets, they’ll beg me to go to Weaver’s to buy embroidery floss. For now, we just admire all of the pretty colors.

P.S. This is Weaver’s Store first Christmas in Penns Valley!

If you go: They are open M – Sat. 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Check out the other 12 Days of Christmas businesses: Valley Ag & TurfBrookvale Gift Shop, and Penns Valley Jewelers and Cottage Rose Interiors. We live in such a great Valley.

Enjoy your home,

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