12 Days of Christmas: Penns Valley Jewelers and Cottage Rose Interiors

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas: Penns Valley Gift Guide! Each day, from November 26 – December 7, we’ll be highlighting a local business where you might find “just the right” treasures to give friends and family. Let’s give back to our community this Christmas: buy local!

The first time I wandered into Penns Valley Jewelers & Cottage Rose Interiors, we were on our way to the Millheim Swimming Pool on a hot July afternoon. I saw a sign in their window that said, “Sale! Christmas in July!” and pulled the car over to see what it was all about.

This quaint little shop took my breath away: it is full of treasures. Truly. You can’t go in there and not feel one million gift-giving wheels spin in your brain. You know, things like: Ooo, my sister would look amazing in one of those scarves! That one-of-a-kind pillow would complement my mother’s couch perfectly! Wouldn’t the hubster love that chunky man-watch? (Of course, there are two million I-need-that wheels that begin to spin, but this is the gift giving season, so I won’t go into all of the scarves, pillows, picture frames, dishes, and candles that would look amazing on me.)

 The good news is that they are having a Christmas-in-December sale with 50% all jewelry and 30% off all gift items (through December 25th). So, get in there! Penns Valley Jewelers and Cottage Rose Interiors will be open during Merry Millheim, so carve out some time December 7, 8, or 9 to stop in.

Penns Valley Jewelers and Cottage Rose Interiors is full of cards, watches, fancy napkins, frames, journals, pillows, tea sets, jewelry boxes… and oh, so much more. I love this store and think you will, too.

If you’re looking for green tractors, go to Valley Ag & Turf. For Americana Antiques, go to Brookvale Gift Shop. For beautiful accessories and decor, go to Penns Valley Jewelers and Cottage Rose Interiors! We live in such a great Valley.



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