Penns Valley Pests

Facebook is a-buzz with reports that mice and fruit flies are coming in from the cold. This year, I’m hoping to post a permanent “No Vacancy” sign in all of their favorite hide-aways.

Fruit Flies: A bowl of apple cider vinegar and a splash of dish soap is working miraculously for us. I caught 10 flies in 1 hour today. (I’m choosing not to focus on the fact that there were ten fruit flies to catch – ewww – but rather on the fact that I was extremely successful.) Other folks seem to have success with a glass of red wine. (Not drinking it, but putting it out as a trap for the flies. Though I suppose the former approach could work in its own way.) I also took some online advice and poured some bleach down the sink (apparently they nest in the pipes). Needless to say, with such an aggressive approach, I feel like a fierce fruit fly terminator.

Mice: Of course, we’ll be vacuuming more often and dusting off the old mice traps (our go-to bate is a smidgen of Laffy Taffy), but I just had to pass along this little tidbit: apparently, mice hate mint and cayenne pepper. So, pick up a bottle of peppermint oil from Burk’s for $1.99 and get sprinkling! (Thanks, Sonia.)

Do you have any good tips for evacuating Penns Valley’s seasonal pests?

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LauraEnjoy your home,

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