Grange Fair Goals: How’d we do?

Now that the Fair is a week behind us, I’m reflecting on how we used our time and money. I’m hoping to make some plans for next year while the loud-speaker is still echoing in my head and the baby stroller still has powdered sugar on it.

Here’s a recap of our goals for 2012:

1. Experience the Fair Hair Cut.  Our 4-year-old Goldilocks got a fantastic hair-cut for $10. We’ll be back!

2. Play a game in a tent. We didn’t get to this. I’ll have to make it a priority next year!

3. Scope out the contests with the hopes of entering one next year. Will I grow a prize-winning squash? Paint a blue-ribbon ocean scene? Win the arm-wrestling contest? I think I might work on my photography skills. Our 7-year-old is already scheming about the 2013 Talent Show. And our rooster is dreaming about the poultry competition.

4. To attend (at least) the giant ice cream sundae, the hypnotist, the children’s talent show, the Callenish concert and the parade. Yikes! How’d I miss Callenish? I was looking forward to that for days. If you went, how was it??

5. To cheer for our favorite farmers during the 4-H swine show (yes, we happen to have favorites).

6. To check out the horse arena. We were able to attend several horse competitions and loved every single one. The girls loved the horses. Baby Boy loved the small, dusty pebbles.

7. To try one new fair food. I opted for the broasted chicken wings, which were super tasty and tender. What did you try?

8. To check out the 5-Day Club with the children. Okay, so have you ever met sweeter teenage girls than the ones who were helping at the 5-day Club? I loved their smiling faces and welcoming hearts.

9. To check a book out of the Grange Fair library and go on (at least) one library tour. We checked out a stack of books and returned them. Whew. I was relieved when we got them back safe and sound, even though the staff didn’t make a big deal about which books went out with whom. They just wanted to make sure everyone was reading something, and having a great time at the Fair.

10. To join the parade!  Did you see us there? We were the gang with the baby chicken and the hula-hooper. 🙂

So, now I’m off to jot down some ideas for 2013. Do you have any recommendations?? Let me know in the comment section?

Enjoy your home,


 Enjoy your home,

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