Grange Fair: 2012 Goals

(One of last year’s treasures.)

The beauty of the Grange Fair is connecting with the community and making memories. These things don’t happen accidentally. Facebook is abuzz with Fair-goers preparing a memorable week together: making lemon bars, moving furniture, and solidifying schedules. It helps to make some goals so that we spend our time well and make the most of such an incredible opportunity.

Let’s all go into this year’s fair with an eye for the miraculous, a smile for the long-lost-friend, and a heart for the simple pleasures of home.

10 Things to Do at the 2012 Grange

1. Experience the Fair Hair Cut.  I’ll be using my 4-year old so that I can vicariously experience the hair cut. I just got my hair cut the other day, but she’s up for a trim, so we’ll be making an appointment!

2. Play a game in a tent. I’ll stuff Memory in my purse and look for a good opportunity to snag a friend’s tent and play a game with the children.

3. Scope out the contests with the hopes of entering one next year. Will I grow a prize-winning squash? Paint a blue-ribbon ocean scene? Win the arm-wrestling contest?

4. To attend (at least) the giant ice cream sundae, the hypnotist, the children’s talent show, the Callenish concert and the parade.

5. To cheer for our favorite farmers during the 4-H swine show (yes, we happen to have favorites).

6. To check out the horse arena. We are so excited about this addition to our community. With two little girls who dream of owning horses someday, I’m sure this will be a hot-spot for us.

7. To try one new fair food. Maybe this is the year for the fried Twinkies?

8. To check out the 5-Day Club with the children.

9. To check a book out of the Grange Fair library and go on (at least) one library tour.

10. To join the parade! (Look for and give us a hollar?)

I’ve just gotta know, what are your goals for the Grange?

Enjoy your home,

LauraEnjoy your home,

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We are one little family and we're on a mission: we want to discover our hometown and share the treasures with you! Just think of all the tractor-pulls, restaurants, farm stands, mom-and-pop shops, and local attractions that we'll enjoy together. We hope that our discoveries and ideas strengthen your family and our hometown Penns Valley, Pennsylvania.
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