A Treasure: The Grange Fair Queen Pianist and Soundtrack

All of the contestants were stunning. We could tell they worked so hard to write speeches that were enthusiastic, organized, and meaningful. Our daughters were enthralled throughout the entire program and were literally jumping up and down with the news, “We got to see the new Grange Fair Queen!!”

There was one woman who caught my eye who wasn’t in the line-up of contestants. One woman who I really appreciated throughout the program: the pianist.

Her song choices were perfectly nostalgic and decorated the event with such an innocent sweetness. She played the old, old lilting tune, Pretty Baby as the young ladies walked down the aisle. She filled the rest of the evening with other old, wonderful songs that were a breath of fresh air. It was easy to imagine previous generations of young women walking down the aisle to the same tune: different styles of gowns, but similar smiles and dreams. In an era where young ladies in ball gowns are too often accompanied by degrading, suggestive music, the sweet piano lilting along was music to my ears. This, so far, is one of my favorite Grange Fair Treasures.Enjoy your home,

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