Penns Valley: My Hometown

We lived in State College for 10 years until a can’t-turn-it-down opportunity came our way: to purchase our family farm and live in the midst of Penns Valley’s golden fields, majestic mountains, and friendly neighborhoods. We sequestered every pick-up truck from a 10-mile radius and loaded up our “big city” lives to head 15 miles due east.  (As you probably know, a lot changes when a family migrates over the mountain!)

Two years ago, we drove a caravan of pick-up trucks and helpful friends down the lane of our new home. The first thing I wanted to unpack were the books. I knew that once they were stacked on the shelves, I’d feel at more home. And I did. But of course, it takes more than books-on-a-shelf to make a house a home and to establish a family in a community.

We hope to be here for the long haul, so we’ve taken some baby steps towards settling in. For example, we made a home for 17 chickens, dug a fire pit, planted a small orchard, and hung a map of the world above the kitchen table. We adopted a cat, went to the Grange Fair, and even hosted a neighborhood potluck!  Now, we’re ready to spread our wings and discover Penns Valley’s many treasures – from tractor pulls to art shows! We’ll be doing it all with a heart to grow together as a family and to invest in our community. Join us?  We hope that this site is a place where families from Centre Hall, Millheim, Woodward, Aaronsburg, Coburn, Spring Mills, Madisonburg, and Rebersburg feel welcomed to glean ideas and offer suggestions.

As always, if you want to share a local treasure – that’d be a person, place, or thing – please do. Just like the fields around here lately, we’re all ears.Enjoy your home,

About Laura

We are one little family and we're on a mission: we want to discover our hometown and share the treasures with you! Just think of all the tractor-pulls, restaurants, farm stands, mom-and-pop shops, and local attractions that we'll enjoy together. We hope that our discoveries and ideas strengthen your family and our hometown Penns Valley, Pennsylvania.
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