Millheim: Bright Spot

As we walked around Millheim, I was so impressed by the effort and passion that community members poured into such a rich weekend. The businesses, town green, and every inch of possible stage space was in full bloom. Millheim is an example of how people can use their creativity, friendliness, and generosity to build a community. Though they are still in-process, they are working so diligently to create a beautiful space to live and visit.

The children (and the adults) enjoyed the creative space on the third floor of the Green Drake. We grabbed a pizza at Brother’s (By the way, the only pizza joint on the mine drag is looking for a waitress! If you or someone you know has spunk and some business-know-how, I can imagine that this would be a great opportunity to be a part of the growing community.)

The sweetest thing was the rubber duck race down the Elk Creek. The real ducks didn’t know what to make of it!

Of course, I loved my few moments in Cottage Rose Interiors, where I like finding decorations for our home. She’s having a Christmas in July sale right now, so I couldn’t help but come home with a treasure of my own. If we’re all lucky, she’ll continue the sale through the rest of the month. Stop in when you have a few minutes?

Enjoy your home,



 Enjoy your home,

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