What’s Up This Weekend: 2/27 – 3/1

Looks like we just have to survive one more frigid weekend before enjoying the balmy 30 degree days of early March. Which of these Penns Valley events will keep YOU warm?


The Harold Taddy’s Variety Show at Millheim’s Bremen Town Ballroom promises to be a fantastic evening out. Live music, dance, and poetry will keep you entertained. AND… Gypsy Lou will write impromptu poetry right in front of your very eyes. (I love that!)

From their facebook page:

“Harold Taddy brings a unique cast of performers to the Bremen Town Ballroom on Friday, February 27th! Laura Boswell will be performing a unique set, entirely centered around her classical guitar stylings. Danny Brumbaugh will be presenting his one man rockabilly band, The Psychic Beat! Taddy himself will give an intimate performance, as well!

In addition to musical performances, Alyson Kate, Peter Buckland, and Webster’s very own Jason Crane will all be performing individual spoken word pieces interspersed throughout the evening.

Special guest Gypsy Lou (Hannah Inglesby) will also be on hand, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity! She’ll be set up with a table and a typewriter, making herself available to write and recite poems inspired by you, the audience! After asking you a few quick questions, she’ll create a detailed, personalized poem just for you, right before your eyes!

Last but not least… Choreabellum Belly Dance will take stage and offer a beautiful dance performance, complete with authentic costume and music, thus preserving the art of Belly Dance in central PA!”

Other events to consider:

Green Drake’s 4th Friday Poetry Night (Friday)

Millheim Indoor Farmer’s Market (Saturday)

Aaronsburg Civic Club’s Spaghetti Dinner (Saturday)

Visit the Community Calendar often and enter your own events for free. 

 Enjoy your home,

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Blast the Winter Blues: Keep Moving

Coach Joan of Blueberry Hill Academy Fitness posted this helpful list of 50 Reasons to Exercise. The #1 reason? “Lifts your mood!” I don’t know about you, but come the end of February, I’m in need of some MAJOR mood lifting… especially when stuck inside for so many days in a row.

So, take some time today to jump around. Dance a little bit. Climb a few flights of stairs. Or, better yet, head over to The Old Gregg Fitness Center and get your blood pumping! (Just click here for a list of classes and gym times.)



 Enjoy your home,

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How Nerf Guns Can Cure the Stir-Crazies


They say that desperation is the best motivation. So, while we’ve been stuck inside on these brutally cold days, we’ve come up with a way to get the blood pumping until we can get outside to play. It’s called Nerf Hunting.


Using one of the complimentary calendars that I picked up from Weaver’s Store in Spring Mills, I posted the photos of wild animals all around the house. I placed a bowl near each animal with coins in it. Easy shots are worth a penny. The most difficult shots (like the duck “flying” high on the stairwell), are worth up to a quarter.


Contestants have 3 minutes to scurry about, and shoot as many animals as they can, collecting coins for successful shots. When the timer buzzes, everyone gathers in the kitchen to count up their winnings. Whomever has collected the highest amount of money wins! I create a new PRIZES! list every round, including  things like “2 pieces of Valentine’s Day candy!” “3 hugs!” and “1 Adventures in Odyssey episode!” (Why are hugs never the MOST EXCITING PRIZE EVER?!) 

At any rate, we have tons of fun… and the heart gets a-pumping.

What are you doing to survive the stir-crazies these days??

 Enjoy your home,

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Wanna “Be Like Karl”?

YouTube Preview Image


The old phrase “Be Like Mike” has officially changed to “Be Like Karl”.

Karl Leitzel of Green Drake Gallery & Arts Center has been a believer in GoPennsValley.com from the beginning. Green Drake enters its worthwhile events on the Community Calendar and has just recently become one of our first paying advertisers in the Business Directory. In our little world of getting-a-family-business-off-the-ground, this is a slam dunk.

That’s not all… We just spotted THIS at the bottom of the Green Drake webpage:

“We invite you to follow community events on the GoPennsValley.com community calendar!

GoPennsValley.com banner

Now, the big question is, “Wanna be like Karl?”

And the answer, of course, is “Yes!”

Just follow these simple steps so you can “Be Like Karl”, too:

1. List your business in the Business Directory for a mere $50/ year. You’ll get the online traffic you’ve been dreaming of and have full control of your information, photos, and reviews.  (Or, list your nonprofit for free!)

2. List your community events on the Community Calendar (this is always free!)

3. Grab the invitation link and graphic above for your own website/ email/ etc., or discover your own way to let friends, family, and all the other folks know about the opportunities at GoPennsValley.com.

* Additional thanks to our other “first of the first” paid advertisers: Ralph Homan of Homan Agritizing and Skip Shuey of Centre Inspection ServicesWe’re your biggest fans!

Enjoy your home,

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What’s on The Best of Penns Valley Bucket List?

We compiled a list of suggestions for Penns Valley locals and visitors to get the most out of our wonderful community. We are over-the-moon excited to introduce our The Best of Penns Valley Bucket List! (See the button over there in the top-right margin?)


When you’re sitting around wondering what to do, simply click on the Bucket List for a suggestion or two!

When friends come in from out of town and want to know how to make the most of their visit, send them to the Bucket List and they’ll be on their merry way!

When you need bragging rights that your town is the best town, just bring up the Bucket List and watch your opponent melt. :)

Take a look at all of the amazing things we have to do, see, eat, and visit right here in Penns Valley. Wow! What a place to be.

 Enjoy your home,

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Still wondering what to do for Valentine’s Day?


The Valley abounds with options for this Saturday’s annual celebration of love.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Head over to Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park for a romantic boat ride through our famous cave. Oh, and psst: their gift shop sells beautiful heart-shaped jewelry including natural Selenite hearts, as well as beautiful crystals… Check out their facebook page for hours.

Give some lovin’ to the East Penns Valley Library by enjoying their annual Spaghetti Dinner. Show up between 4 and 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Bremen Town Ballroom, 105 E. Main St., Millheim. Adults, $10. Children 5 to 12, $5. Children younger than 5 are free.

Make reservations to enjoy Valentine’s Day at The Elk Creek Cafe with some good music and local food. Call 814-349-8850 today.

Support an Eagle Scout Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser that will construct a Memorial for 6 soldiers at the Union Farmers Mills St. Johns Cemetery. Dinner is served from 5-8 p.m. Please contact Timothy Breon at 364-2759 or tim.breon(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Enjoy a special evening out at Bella Sicilia... Lady and the Tramp style. Call 364-2176 to reserve your table.

YouTube Preview Image

Whatever you do, be sure to tell someone special that you love them. 

xoxo, Penns Valley!


Enjoy your home,

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Pep Talk from Coach Joan



(Coach Joan reviewing a great swim with our daughter!)

This week, Coach Joan from Blueberry Hill Academy Fitness gives us permission to toss the discouraging (and repetitive) fitness magazines…

If you never purchases another “fitness” magazine with pictures and advertisements of people who aren’t real and more stuff you don’t need, I’d bet you know more than enough to take care of yourself.


Lift, squat, push, pull a heavy things (even your own body weight) a few times a week.

Sprint once or twice a week.

Stand up more.

Sit down less.

Cook more of your food at home.

Believe this: You are lovely.

Get after it.

Enjoy your home,

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Buy Your Ticket for April’s Central PA Tasting Trail

Tasting Ticket

Now’s the time to purchase your ticket for the Central PA Tasting Trail.

Here’s the scoop:

* First, buy your Tasting Ticket for $20. (Just stop by the venues listed below or the Centre County/Penn State Visitor’s Center.)

* From April 1 – 30, take that ticket to the participating venues to enjoy locally crafted beers, spirits and wine. (You’ll get to know Robin Hood Brewing Co./Home D, Bellefonte or State College; Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks; Happy Valley Brewing Co.; Otto’s Pub & Brewery/Keewaydin Cider Mill; Big Spring Spirits; Good Intent Cider; Happy Valley Vineyard & Winery; Mt. Nittany Vineyard & Winery; and Seven Mountains Wine Cellars).

* Get your ticket stamped while you’re there and be entered to win prizes in the May 8th drawing! (GREAT prizes like free nights at local hotels and Bed & Breakfasts, Concert Tickets, Gift Cards, Dinner & Drinks for Two, Gift Baskets and much, much more!)

This event features Penns Valley’s wonderful Elk Creek Cafe, Green Drake Gallery and Arts Center , The IngleBean Coffee House, Aaronsburg Pottery , Triple Creek Lodge , Long Lane Flower & Garden, and Tait Farm Foods.

 Enjoy your home,

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“The Path to your Next Mature Whitetail”: Sportsman’s Dinner


Tickets are still available for the Annual Sportsman’s Dinner – Friday, February 6th at 6 p.m. at the Old Gregg School Community Center!

Our guest speaker is Steve Sorensen, an Award- winning outdoor writer and popular event speaker. He will present ‘The Path to your Next Mature Whitetail.’

Join us for a wide variety of foods and good conversation.

For free tickets, please contact the Penns Valley Community Church office at 422.5360.

 Enjoy your home,

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What’s Up This Weekend: 1/30 – 2/1


With all this gorgeous snow, you might just want to carve some time in your weekend to put on snow shoes or get in the car to enjoy the scenic countryside. One of our favorite snowy-day drives is down Sinking Creek Road (right next to the Old Gregg School in Spring Mills). It’s a quiet road with beauty everywhere you turn, so bring your camera! It will take you out to 144 in Centre Hall.

Of course, then you’ll want to warm up to some live music! Elk Creek Cafe is wrapping up their Blue January with The Reckoning on Saturday, January 31. This seven-person acoustic band will remind you of listening to The Grateful Dead on a warm summer day for sure. It’s great music to enjoy with a friend, a delicious meal, and a home brewed drink. You’ll feel like it’s summertime… if only for a few sweet hours.

Reckoning13114_edit214Enjoy this sneak peak and call to order your tickets today:

YouTube Preview Image

As always, check our Community Calendar for all-that’s-going-on and enter your own events. We’ll help you get the word out!


 Enjoy your home,

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